Our Store Decoration Suggestions

Our Store Decoration Suggestions

Our Store Decoration Suggestions

Our Store Decoration Suggestions


Store decoration requires a creative and visual art that combines various professional fields during the design and construction of the store space. This area is related to architecture as a major and is an application that contains details about interior design. Apart from these, it also includes interior decoration, industrial design, graphic design, ergonomics and creative.

Store design

Store design is intertwined with art and integrated with the general brand of the store. Shelf systems, shop windows, furniture, signage, lighting, flooring and product placement are important factors to be considered in the designs of the stores.


In the sales oriented store design application, you should make it count the right side of the entrance gate. Right-oriented behaviors are common in human nature such as starting to walk with the right step, greeting with the right hand and looking to the right in general while walking. Within the scope of this information, just like the advertisement pages in the magazines are on the right side, it will be beneficial for you to make it count and decorate with the products you want based on the entrance gate of your store by emphasizing the right side as the second area to be seen.


The most important issue in lighting is to find the right light. For this, you may need to apply a few samples. Buying the lights wholesale benefits you both financially as a discount and saves you from the disturbing lighting differences. Generally, stores have lighting in three different stages, excluding showcase lighting.


Ambient lighting is lighting with general lighting and ceiling lighting.

These are operational and regional lighting, including places such as store entrance, safe, changing room and customer service department.

Product lighting that emphasizes store products

In addition to these, there are decorative lighting, that is, those that do not benefit in terms of light but add a visual effect. When lighting, you also need to consider the store's temperature setting. The most popular and oldest tip we can give you is to distribute the lighting with the help of mirrors.

Store decoration

To get detailed information about the shop decoration, you can review our store decoration service.

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