Industrial Advertising

Industrial Advertising

Industrial Advertising

In addition to the store decoration services we provide as Sancak Dizayn, we also operate in the field of industrial advertising. For our customers who want to open a store, we can project both the interior design and the advertising works of the store and offer it as a package.

From our store shelf systems to your store floor covering, from your wall mirror in your store to product hangers, from lifeless models in your showcase to your spotlights on the ceiling and even your sign on the door, we can create your store from the beginning.

Outdoor Advertising

As Sancak Dizayn, with outdoor advertising, we can provide you with very large audiences at low costs. We can ensure that the brand we are advertising is in mind by renewing its continuity of service. We can provide by preparing all kinds of advertisement works that can attract customers' attention from the stand in front of your door to a complete advertisement envelope on a building, from visual coating on glass to bus envelopes, from vehicle advertisement wraps to facade signage, from facade cladding to visual works in the interior.

Our Outdoor Advertising Services

  • Dealer and Aluminum Pickle Signboard
  • Embossed Box Letter Signboard
  • Light / No Light Sign
  • Road and Roof Sign
  • Totem / Pylon Signboard
  • Fair and Display Stand
  • Facade Dressing
  • Architectural Works

Digital printing

As Sancak Dizayn, we closely follow the latest technology. We work with the latest technology in our machine park and we produce the highest quality digital printing. We import our solutions both Turkey and abroad. With 3M advertising materials and our HP machines, we can offer printing options for all types of materials. In all our prints and dye of our machines, we prefer products that are certified and harmless to human health.

Our Digital Printing Services

  • Indoor and Outdoor Prints
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • One Way Vision Printing
  • Vinyl & Mesh Printing
  • Printed Wallpaper
  • Canvas Painting
  • Office Glass Blasting and Graphic Studies

Display Products

These are the mechanisms that include easy-to-install, portable, pedestal, wall-mounted, illuminated and non-illuminated presentation activities in the organizations that the companies organize for meetings, seminars and promotional purposes. We can produce these products in designs and sizes special to your company as well as in standard productions.

Our Display Product Services

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Banner
  • Stands
  • Brochure Holders
  • Illuminated Products
  • Door Names and Direction Signs
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Product Assembly Solutions
  • Store Systems- Wholesale
  • Store Systems - Retail
  • Turnkey Store Decoration Projects
  • 3D Modeling Company Design Solutions
  • Store Decoration Suggestions
  • Store Decoration
  • Industrial Advertising

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